Company Profile

 Company overview
 Company name  TOKi Engineering Co.,Ltd.
 Representative   Representative Director and President Satoru Koyanagi
 Location  Head office  1-18-4F, Hie-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka
            812-0014  JAPAN
 Phone : 81-92-452-8678 
 Fax   : 81-92-436-5859
   URL :
   Factory  2-23-10,Minamisato, Shime-machi, Kasuya-gun,
         Fukuoka, 811-2207 JAPAN
 Foundation  May 6th, 1976
 Capital stock  JPY43.85million

 1976  Start business as BAUS Industry Co.,Ltd.  
 1979  "BAUS pump vertical" developed.  
 1983  "BAUS pump 20" developed.  
 1991  Changed the company name to TOKI Industry Co.,Ltd.  
 1993  10-minced meat balls shaping machine developed.  
 1996  Capital increased.JPY10million
   Volumetric filling machine developed.
 2001  Foreign matters remover (strainer) developed.
 2003 May.  Non-packing ferrule developed.
   Stainless packing developed.
     Aug.  Changed the company name to TOKi Engineering CO.,Ltd.
     Nov.  Non-packing ferrule received "FUKUOKA DESIGN AWARD 2003"
 2004 Jun.  Capital increased.JPY30million  
    Feb.  "SUS DE TOP" registerde as trademark.  
    Oct.  Research and development of Non-packing ferrule received Encouragement Prize of
   Award for 3R (Reduce,Reuse and Recycle)-Oriented. Sustainable Technology.
   Member of "Fukuoka Strategy Conference for Hydrogen Energy"  
 2007 Aug.  Concluded exclusive agency agreemnt with Marubeni cooperation.  
 2008 Mar  Capital increased.JPY43.85million  

 Basic policy
   Global standard from Fukuoka is our policy.
 We are trying to develop high quality and also human and environment gentle production
 system with breakthrough and create new global standard products.
 We believe that makes us a global company. We think safe and secure product as company's duty.
 We are trying to keep developing new technology so that we can fulfill our duties as public company
 and we believe that makes us a brilliant company in the industrial world.
 TOKi Engineering Co.,Ltd. is always trying to seek new breakthrough with pioneer
 spirit and our motto is "Breakthrough and innovation".
From Fukuoka to the world

   Brave Challenge to Possibility.
     We set higher target and seek global market.
  Eliminate rubber packing and O-ring from mechanical system of every field
    We are trying to realize the no rubber packing and O-ring production system from every business
    field. for example, food and beverage,medicinal and cosmetic, and also car, ship, and airplane
    manufacturing business.
  Further research and development for realization of the non-touch sensor
    This sensor system can measure the pressure on the pipe or current speed in the pipe without
    touching it and perceive marginal change of the pipe condition and prevent from system accident.
    This high sensitivity sensor can be controlled by central system and does not damage the pipe.
    This technology contributes to the factory safeness.
  Contribution to hydrogen energy technology
    Our original piping system, now developing, can endure extremely high pressure and it is necessary
    technology for hydrogen energy technology that regards as future energy.
    Intensifying hydrogen energy technology requires extremely high pressure endurance piping and
    joint system and the system can put to practical use of the hydrogen energy technology.
    We are going to complete these developments and deliver our excellent global standard product
    to all over the world. We think this is our duty.
    Contribute to ocean floor resource development
    Develop a fuel delivery system for space exploration and more・・・ Our dream is endless


 TOKi エンジニアリング株式会社